Link Your Payments To Your Account Directly

Using your LGB Debit MasterCard is an easy and convenient way for you to pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash.

Easy and Convenient

Use your Card to pay for your purchases such as groceries, gas, bills or even a cup of coffee; or for cash withdrawals.

Pin Trigger Feature

To enhance your account safety, you will activate your Card and personalize the pin code of your choice through any LGB or CSC ATM network.

Around The World

Access your Card locally and internationally wherever you are.

Spending Monitor

Review all your transactions through LGB Online Banking or through your monthly checking account statement.

Check your balance, or get a mini statement anytime through any LGB or CSC ATM network.

Get SMS alerts for any activity marked on your Card.

Help and Support

In case of loss, theft, suspected fraud, or any other inquiry, you need to immediately contact the Customer Support Center at CSC Bank made available around the clock.

Tel: 1241 Or +961 1 738800 / +961 3 738800 

Fax: +961 1 756444

Classic MasterCard Debit Card
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