Having a plan for the future is a safety net everyone needs to have. But, what happens when an obstacle forces you to rearrange all your plans? Having the “Personal Accident Plan” is a way to make every unexpected event, expected.



  • In case of accidental death, beneficiaries will receive the entire sum insured.
  • In case of accidental total permanent disability, the entire sum insured will be collected.
  • In case of the accidental loss of one eye, hand or foot, 50% of the sum insured will be collected.

You can select the currency and a maximum of three units as per the following:

  • USD: Each unit is equivalent to $12,000 and costs $1 per month.
  • LBP: Each unit is equivalent to 18 million L.L. and costs 1,500 L.L. per month.


Comparative Advantages:

  • No medical examination or health questionnaire is required.
  • Worldwide, round the clock coverage.
  • Automatic collection of monthly premiums from LGB BANK at no extra cost.


  • Account holder at LGB BANK.
  • Age bracket: 18-69 years.
  • Lebanese national residing in Lebanon.
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