Home is where the heart is. Protect your property with the “Home Insurance Plan,” and guarantee a safe roof over your head. While life will always find a way to break your heart, we, hopefully, will always find a way to mend it.


The “Home Plan” is the insurance program which takes into consideration the specific needs of both homeowners and tenants, providing outstanding protection against material damage resulting from:

  • Fire.
  • Burglary (as a result of breaking and entering).
  • Lightning.
  • Explosion.
  • Aircraft or vehicle impact.
  • The coverage includes neighbor’s liability for homeowners and both landlord’s and neighbor’s liability for tenants.
  • The “Home Plan” covers properties up to:

$650,000 for homeowners

$150,000 for tenants.

Comparative Advantages:

  • The waiver of the premium for up to six months in case of death of the policy holder.
  • The automatic collection of monthly premiums from your account at LGB BANK at no extra cost.
  • Monthly premiums are as low as $3.20/month.

Optional Coverage:

  • Earthquake, storm and flood coverage.
  • Double limits for neighbors’ liability coverage.


  • Account holder at LGB BANK.
  • Fully constructed residential property only.

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