You can never be 100% sure of what’s coming your way. Now with LGB BANK you can rest your mind and body. Indeed, the Income Compensation Plan allows you to sustain a monthly income in case of a bodily injury causing you to stay at the hospital.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Comfortable monthly payments automatically deducted from your bank account without additional fees.
  • No medical exams required.
  • No profession restrictions.


  • A daily fixed premium for individuals/married couples following a hospitalization due to an accidental injury.
  • The coverage is valid in all hospitals in Lebanon.
  • The coverage will become valid a day after the contract’s signature.
  • Claim settlement and procedures shall be declared at Allianz SNA assigned centers.

Program Conditions

  • Settling your payments through your bank account at LGB BANK.
  • Your age is between 21 and 69 years old.
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