3D Secure feature

From now on, all transactions made by any LGB Credit Card while shopping online will require entering an OTP (One Time PIN); this pin will be provided by the bank upon each and every transaction sent to your mobile number.

For fraud protection purposes, this new feature is applicable on all Existing and New credit cards.

The 3D Secure requires a Onetime Registration performed by clients while making any online transaction. 

The website must be approved by MasterCard and VISA and you, as the cardholder, will be asked to provide the following information:

a.      Date of Birth

b.      Family Name

c.      Father Name

d.      Mobile number

Safe Internet Transactions: Shopping Virtually

  1. Make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software.
  2. Only shop at secure websites with a security icon and a valid encryption certificate.
  3. Keep your personal information confidential.
  4. Avoid signing up for junk mail and clicking on Hyperlinks within e-mails.
  5. Print out your order and keep copies of the retailer's terms and conditions, return policy, delivery conditions, postal address and phone number.
  6. Ensure you are fully aware of any payment commitments you are making.
  7. If you regularly make transactions over the Internet consider opening a separate credit card account specifically for these transactions.
  8. Never send payment information via email.
  9. Don’t let websites or merchants store your card information.
  10. Do not make online transactions using public computers; similarly, don’t settle online purchases in “Wi-Fi” wireless spots present in restaurants, coffee-shops, malls, etc..


PIN ON CHIP feature

From now on all transactions made by any LGB Credit Card on Point of Sale machines (Merchants) will require entering the PIN already provided to you with the card

This new feature is now applicable on your new card issuance or your card replacement

The PIN ON CHIP feature doesn’t require any registration; it is provided to you for free and is activated by default and mandatory to all cardholders for their protection


Choosing Your PIN Code

  1. Think about a code that will not be directly linked to you. Try to avoid commonly used combinations such as your telephone number or your birthday date.
  2. It is always better to choose a random combination of numbers that you will memorize or a date that has a sentimental value to you, and only you.
  3. Change your PIN Code frequently for a maximized security.


Keeping Your PIN a Secret

  1. Do not give away your card, PIN or other security information.
  2. Delete your PIN Mailer once you memorize your Pin Code.
  3. Do not reveal your PIN Code to anyone, not event your bank. 
  4. Do not leave written security data including your Pin Code within easy reach.


Precautions While Using Point of Sales (POS)

  1. Always check your credit card before and after you make a POS transaction.
  2. Retain your copy of the charge slip for future reference.


Card Loss

Report the loss, theft, suspected fraud or damage of your Card immediately to your branch or CSC Bank on the following contacts so that your card can be blocked.

  • Tel: 1241 Or +961 1 738800 / +961 3 738800 
  • Fax: +961 1 756444

For your best interest and card safety, kindly follow the generic guidelines below.



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