Invest in Real Value! 

Building on a strong record and a tradition of excellence, LGB Bank has accustomed a growing niche segment of high net worth customers seeking premium financial advisory, brokerage consultancy and capital markets’ services.


A Firm Commitment to Supreme Customer Service

The Bank’s ongoing success in the field of Private Banking stems from the impeccable service of its professional team. Uncompromising on quality, LGB Bank's private bankers have been specifically trained to make your private banking experience effortless, tailored and most of all rewarding.


An In-depth Knowledge of the Customers’ Needs

To maintain strong bonds with its Private Banking customers, LGB BANK provides them with investment products based on a clear understanding of their business objectives and needs. The Bank also provides informed investment consultancy in both domestic and international markets in equities, fixed income, mutual funds and foreign exchange.


An Up-to-date Portfolio of Services

LGB Bank grants its customers access to a diversified portfolio of products and services that adapt to their specific private banking needs. These include:

  • Equities, fixed income and foreign exchange
  • Money markets
  • Multi-asset class funds
  • Alternative investment and hedge funds
  • Structured products with various underlying instruments
  • Capital protected products
  • Brokerage services
  • Safekeeping of all types of financial instruments


Investment and Advisory Services

In light of the growing local investment demand, LGB BANK offers advisory services to clients interested in investing in Lebanon through the purchase of real estate properties or the establishment of new businesses. Such advisory services include market research, feasibility studies/business plans, legal and financial due diligence, as well as structuring and placement.


A Consolidated Treasury to Inspire Trust

The Treasury Department at LGB BANK provides innovative solutions, professional services, and full access to World Money and Capital Markets, as well as Foreign Exchange. Whether the clients require investment banking, equities, fixed income or foreign exchange, the Bank has the global leverage and industry experience to meet its customers’ changing needs, while playing a strategic role in its own asset liability management through internal consulting and appropriate financial engineering.


Rely on LGB BANK when it comes to managing your assets and maximizing your profits!

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