In line with the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Association of Banks in Lebanon, we are committed to continue serving our clients as follow

LGB BANK management is keen to ensure the continuity of its banking services and operations, taking all the measures to contain the threat of the Coronavirus and to maintain the safety of its clients and employees.

All LGB BANK branches will be ready to serve your urgent corpoarte needs: 


  • Commercial Operations:  will be secured, especially for companies involved in food security, medical equipment and other sectors supported by BDL
  • Card Payments:  will remain operational in Lebanon as per the previous set limits
  • New Debit Card Requests: new Debit card requests are available through LGB BANK Call Center
  • Cash Withdrawals: you can use LGB BANK ATM’s , that will be replenished constantly
  • Cheque Deposits: you can use LGB BANK Hamra & Mazraa smart ATM
  • Credit Card Settlements: you can use LGB BANK Hamra & Mazraa smart ATM
  • Payroll Operations: will be processed by contacting your branch or LGB BANK  Call Center
  • Account Activities : you can use LGB BANK online banking services or the Mobile Banking application
  • In Case of Emergency: we remain at your disposal , you can call your branch or contact LGB BANK Call Center


LGB BANK 24/7 Call Center +961 1 965965


Hoping that you remain well and safe

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