1. Introduction


LGB BANK (hereby referred to as “the Bank”) recognizes the expectations of the Client with regards to the privacy, confidentiality and security of their financial and personal Data. Keeping this information secure and using it solely for Bank activities while preventing the misuse is a top priority for the Bank.

2. Type of Data Collected


The Bank collects Data that is provided by the Client in person or via their legal representatives in order to serve them, mainly through the Bank’s applicable forms.

3. Data Use and Purpose


The Bank uses the Client’s information to:

  • Manage the Business Relationship with the Client

  • Provide the Client with any information or services requested

  • Deal with any complaint, communication, instruction or question from the Client
  • Abide by laws and regulations, codes and guidelines

  • Detect, investigate, report, and seek to prevent financial crime


4. Managing Client’s Data


When processing the Client’s Data, the Bank will follow the below standards:

  • Deal clearly and transparently with Client’s Data by informing the Client on how their Data is collected and used

  • Update the Client’s Data as soon as they inform the Bank about any changes or amendments

  • Protect, retain and securely dispose of Client’s Data as per the Banks related policies 


5. Disclosure


The Bank may transfer or process Data to recipients outside the Bank. The Bank will be discrete and secure when sending Information and in ensuring that the recipient has a secure system.

The Bank may pass on information about the Client only if the:

  • Client has given their consent

  • Legal provisions demand it

Under these requirements, recipients of Data can be, for example:

  • Public entities and institutions (e.g. Central Bank, Financial Authorities, Criminal Prosecution Authorities) upon providing a valid legal or official obligation

  • Other Credit and Financial Service Institutions or comparable Institutions to which the Bank transfers the Client’s Data to carry out a business relationship with them depending on the contract  (e.g. Correspondent Banks, Custodian Banks, Brokers, Stock Exchanges, External Legal Consultants, Auditors and Accountants)



6. Data Handling and Storing


The Bank values the Client’s trust and is committed to securely safeguarding all the Data stored at the Bank.

By requiring employees to use and maintain the appropriate organizational, physical and technical security measures to protect against the unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, destruction or loss of Data, the Bank helps in protecting and securing the Data, as per the appropriate compliance standards and the Bank’s Code of Conduct.


7. Third Party Sites


The Bank’s website includes links to other websites that could be interesting for our Clients to browse. The Bank is not responsible for the privacy standards or cookies of these websites, which the Bank has no control over.

Clients are encouraged to read their privacy notices to be aware of the Data gathered about them.


8. Cookies

The Bank uses cookies to store the language selected by the User and cookies are not used for any other purpose. By using the website, the user agrees to our use of cookies. For better knowledge regarding our use of Cookies, refer to our Cookie Notice.


9. Cookie Notice

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file that’s placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit one of our websites.


Why do we use Cookies?

The Bank uses Cookies to store the language selected by the User. We do not use Cookies for any other purpose.


How you can control your Cookies?

You can accept or reject Cookies by amending your web browser controls. Because they are important, our website and services might not work like they are supposed to.


You can manage your Cookie settings by following your browser's instructions. Here are some links that might be of assistance:

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10. Revision Date


The Privacy and Cookie Notice is subject to better practices, new technologies, laws and regulations. As they occur, the Notice will be updated to accommodate for these changes.

In general, this Notice will be reviewed every year to ensure its relevance and efficiency.

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